Photographer Fred Perrot

25 01 2010


Fred Perrot – chief French advertising photographer. Master of retouching. He collaborates from BMW, Absolut, Peugeot, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Tefal, Renault, Nespresso and so forth

???????? Fred Perrot??????? ??????????? ????????? ????????FredPerrotBMW, Absolut, Peugeot, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Tefal, Renault, NespressoFredPerrot04.jpgFredPerrot06.jpgFredPerrot07.jpgFredPerrot09.jpgFredPerrot10.jpgFred PerotFred PerrotFredPerrot???????? Fred Perrot???????? Fred Perrot


Creative photos Gregor Collienne Photography

23 01 2010


Creative photos Gregor Collienne  Photography

Gregor Collienne – advertising photographer from Belgium. Gregor was born in 1972. I’m used to look at the world of children’s eyes.

GregorCollienne01.jpgGregorCollienne02.jpgGregorCollienne03.jpgGregorCollienne04.jpgGregorCollienne05.jpgGregorCollienne06.jpgGregorCollienne07.jpgGregorCollienne08.jpgGregorCollienne09.jpgGregorCollienne10.jpgGregorCollienne11.jpgGregorCollienne13.jpgGregorCollienne14.jpgGregorCollienne12.jpgGregorCollienne15.jpgGregorCollienne16.jpgGregorCollienne17.jpgGregorCollienne18.jpgGregorCollienne19.jpgGregorCollienne20.jpgGregorCollienne21.jpgGregorCollienne22.jpgGregorCollienne23.jpgGregorCollienne24.jpgGregorCollienne25.jpgGregorCollienne26.jpg?????????? ?????????? Gregor Collienne

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22 01 2010

Memories of Tartan

‘MEMORIES OF TARTAN’ editorial with Han Jin photographed by Serge Leblon and styled by Jacob K for Vogue China – January 2008.

Memories of Tartan-1

Memories of Tartan-2

Memories of Tartan-3

Memories of Tartan-4

Memories of Tartan-5

Memories of Tartan-6

Memories of Tartan-7

Memories of Tartan-8

Memories of Tartan-9

Incredible Wave Pictures

21 01 2010

Sun ... glints off wave

Incredible Wave Pictures

These incredible images of waves were taken by the number 1 photographer of surf: Clark Little. He has dedicated his life to photographing the waves and has published a selection of the the best images of his career. The pictures capture magical moments inside the wave  „tube”, as surfers say.

 Sand ... in surfTubular ... shining Beach ... surf crashes down Break ... wave crashes downWater sparkles dance.. Red ... mysterious shot White ... tumultuous water Molten ... liquid gold

Photographer Gavin Bond

21 01 2010

Photo_GavinBond_10002.jpg image by dale678

Gavin Bond was born v1970 year.  He graduated from St Martins School Of Art in London.  . Lives and works in New York.   Known as a portraitist of celebrities.   It also removes a lot of advertising, movie posters and fashion stories for such magazines as GQ, Esquire, Interview and Vanity Fair.

Photographer Gavin BondGavinBond01.jpgGavinBond02.jpgGavinBond03.jpgGavinBond04.jpgGavinBond05.jpgGavinBond06.jpgGavinBond07.jpgGavinBond08.jpg



Izabel Goulart for FreeSoul

21 01 2010


Brazilian top model Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart took part in shooting a new campaign brand clothing FreeSoul spring summer 2010.
Victoria’s Secret Nicholas Lemons. Company former angel Victoria’s Secret was Nicholas Lemons (Nicholas Lemons) Yu Tsai). Photography has Taiwan-American photographer SW Tsay (Yu Tsai).

Izabel Goulart (Izabel Goulart) for FreeSoulizabel_goulart_nicholas_lemons_freesoul02.jpgIzabel Goulart Nicholas Lemons - FreeSoul Spring Summer 2010 ad campaignizabel_goulart_nicholas_lemons_freesoul03.jpgizabel_goulart_nicholas_lemons_freesoul04.jpgizabel_goulart_nicholas_lemons_freesoul05.jpgizabel_goulart_nicholas_lemons_freesoul06.jpgizabel_goulart_nicholas_lemons_freesoul07.jpgizabel_goulart_nicholas_lemons_freesoul08.jpgizabel_goulart_nicholas_lemons_freesoul09.jpgizabel_goulart_freesoul01.jpgizabel_goulart_freesoul02.jpgizabel_goulart_freesoul03.jpgizabel_goulart_freesoul04.jpgizabel_goulart_freesoul05.jpgIzabel GoulartIzabel Goulart by Yu Tsai for FreeSoul

Mercedes SLS Campaign by Nick Knight and Gareth Pugh

18 01 2010

mercedes sls campaign by nick knight and gareth pugh 600x848 Mercedes SLS Campaign by Nick Knight and Gareth Pugh

The newest Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG campaign took a great modern aesthetic turn, hiring famed photographer  Nick Knight and futuristic fashion designer Gareth Pugh, beautiful model Julia Stegner. A lovely campaign, as beautiful as the backstage pictures shot by Clive Booth !

Be sure to check the video Below !

mercedes sls campaign by nick knight and gareth pugh 2 600x398 Mercedes SLS Campaign by Nick Knight and Gareth Pughmercedes sls campaign by nick knight and gareth pugh 3 600x398 Mercedes SLS Campaign by Nick Knight and Gareth Pughmercedes sls campaign by nick knight and gareth pugh 4 600x903 Mercedes SLS Campaign by Nick Knight and Gareth Pughmercedes sls campaign by nick knight and gareth pugh 5 600x903 Mercedes SLS Campaign by Nick Knight and Gareth Pugh