Carefully Considered

23 01 2010

Carefully Considered is a design firm “with a movable staff of five designers, production artists and thinking folk” that creates really unique pieces, including these pixel-decorated Husaberg FE 390 Enduro motorcycles.


Get Out! Divide and Conquer in 2010

15 01 2010

Human nature is odd. People love outdoor spaces for that special air of freedom and the absence of walls…and what are people now buying? Dividers! Granted, they offer more than just a way of structuring a space; they can provide privacy or protect from the wind.

Flora, who are really upping their game and taking on the non-furniture part of outdoor décor, have developed Wing with the help of designer, Michael Koenig who was inspired by Moroccan Mashrabiya.

As with many designs by Flora, it is a modular design available in three heights.


A lovely alternative is to go for a divider that doubles up as a planter. This year Viteo brought the Gardenwall to the market and created quite a buzz. Designed by Gordon Tait, the stackable units can contain a selection of plants in a variety of colors or work just as a simple green wall.

Finally, the “grand daddy” of dividers is still a hot item. By Extremis, Sticks has the extra advantage of adding a little “music” to an outdoor space as the rods shuffle in the wind.

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