15 01 2010


Check out some graphic design loveliness from Nathanaël Hamon’s studio called Slang.


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Music & Design: Pitchfork’s Best Albums of 2009

15 01 2010

I know that we’re already in 2010 and why look back? Well, 2010 is too new for new music, so let’s take a moment to look at Pitchfork’s 50 best albums of 2009 (above, top left is #50, bottom right is #1). Obviously Pitchfork doesn’t take into account the album artwork when they select their faves, or some of these would have made it onto the worst album list. According to NPR’s All Songs Considered, there are a number of gems in this bunch, including the Animal Collective optical illusion cover and Dirty Projectors’ odd blue and red duo, who also happens to be #1 and #2 on Pitchfork’s list. Coincidence? Do you agree with All Songs Considered’s picks or do you have some personal faves that didn’t make the cut?

I remember when I was a teenager and CDs were the big new thing (remember those tall rectangular boxes!?), I would get an album and study that album’s artwork. I felt like it helped me connect better with the songs, the melodies, the lyrics, and the band in general. One of the things I dearly miss in the electronic age is listening to an album for the first time while leafing through the CD booklet and staring intently at the album cover, trying to understand the band’s message. Even though musicians still have album covers, I feel like they function a bit differently now, at least when purchased electronically. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t pay as much attention to them now as I used to.

With respect to the album cover designs above, do you see any design trends? Any anti-trends? Which covers are your faves?

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Always with Honor

15 01 2010


I’ve been a huge fan of Always with Honor for a while now and I’m falling in love with their illustration style. My all time favorite illustration is this stack of pancakes and syrup. They’ve been doing some stunning illustrations for GOOD magazine here.



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Liam Devowski

15 01 2010


Graphic designer Liam Devowski translates his designs into three-dimensional art pieces. He also has some printed work that includes a poster with an image of a hot dog that was printed using ketchup and mustard!




[via OK Great]

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Louise Belcourt

15 01 2010


Small Hedge, Tree #1. Oil on canvas. 2005.

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Tyler Green's modern & contemporary art blog

14 01 2010

Tyler Green’s modern & contemporary art blog
As Jeffrey Deitch transitions from New York art dealer to Los Angeles museum director, is it fair to ask the question: Will ‚his’ artists, artists he has shown and with whom he has worked at Deitch Projects, be in MOCA shows?

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A street artist Kurt Wenner

14 01 2010

A street artist Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner works in the genre of street art illusion (illusionistic street painting), which creates the illusion of depth and three-dimensional image when viewed from a certain point. Kurt Wenner began his career in Rome in 1982.


Official artist: