25 01 2010

Architects: Rangr Studio
Location: Cabrera, Dominican Republic
Design Team: Jasmit Singh Rangr, Eivind Karlsen, Josh Weiselberg
Construction: Paradise Investments, Rolando Widman
Project Area: 1,000 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Hilary Ferris White

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Burj Dubai “Burj Khalif” – Tallest Tower & Armani Hotel Opening

24 01 2010

The area of glass of building is equal to five to the football fields

Check the facts:

Address: Downtown Burj Duai

Over 2x larger than the Empire St. Building

Will contain world’s fastest elevators, traveling at 40mph

WIll be first mega-tower with elevators programmed for emergency evacuations (comforting)

Will host the Flagship Armani Hotel and Armani Residences

Houses Four swimming pools

3,000 parking spots on premesis

Cigar club (restrictions may not apply)


Observation deck


15k sq ft of Fitness

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120th anniversary of Eiffels

23 01 2010


Because of the celebration of 120th birthday of the Eiffel tower, and mainly for the crowds of people that will ascended, SERERO architects proposed the extend of the third floor. Dense structure will temporarily bolted to curent construction, and it will be without requiring any modification of the existing structure.



youth center in Madrid

23 01 2010

Molodezhnaya center in Madrid

This youth center, developed by the Spanish architectural studio Of mi5, is located into [Rivas], in the suburbs of Madrid, and it is completed very recently.

Created in the collaboration with the young talents of Madrid, center has a very bright facade and an interior. Architects used the saturated colors everywhere as reference to the colored subculture of Madrid – graffiti on the walls and comics.


Sophie Calle Exquisite Pain

21 01 2010


The installation is a mix of architecture, design and visual art, introspective and intimate, designed by Frank Gehry and Edwin Chan for Rotonde1. The paints show the lost love and famous trips from Paris to Tokio. Whole exibition is divided into three parts-photography, 3D hotel room and paintings. Everything is put in form of spiral, so it´s in harmony with rotunda shape and it also brings sunlight to whole space.

Winner of a competition for Benetton boutique

21 01 2010


Italian arrange competition for young architects and designers to build big shopping space for Benetton in Omsk, Russia. This competition won portugesse architect Luis Pereira Miguel, with very fresh work. Inside of the old building, architect create fluent and modern space whit functional accent.

Space for film or bussines?

21 01 2010


The space made from film coulisses, or utopic drawing, those are the feelings that this space produce, created by Will Alsop and his SMC Alsop Asia team in chinese Beijing for a reality sales office. Showrooms however are not in common with offered flats that a company presents, they are empty, impersonal so the whole space and his effect is irratonial. But at all combination of the lighting, mirrors and unique shapes cut a dash.