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23 01 2010


Joanne Stefani Angelina Germanotta (March 28, 1986)  better known by the stage name Lady GaGa

– American singer, songwriter and DJ. His career began by writing songs for artists such as Britney Spears, Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, New Kids On The Block, and the American producer and singer, Badar Aliaune Akon Thiam. Akon discovered her talent for singing and offered her a contract with Kon Live Distribution, so Germanotta could start working on her debut, solo album.

In 2008, Gaga debuted on the music market by issuing album The Fame, which she described as „a way to get to know a person well-known emotions. Album was promoted inter alia by the two international hits – „Just Dance” and „Poker Face”.


Joanne Germanotta Stefani Angelina was born in Yonkers, New York as the daughter of the IT industry entrepreneur Joseph Germanotty and assistant in the telecommunications company Cynthia Germanotty [8]. Both are Americans of Italian descent [9] [10]. As a child she attended Catholic school, Convent of the Sacred Heart [11]. He started playing the piano began at the age of four years, at the age of thirteen composed his first ballad, and as czternastolatka began playing concerts before an audience [12]. At the age of seventeen, he gained early access to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied music [12]. Expanded its capabilities by creating writing analytical essays and texts on such subjects as art, religion, or politics [13]. After some time, interrupted study [5]. When completed twenty years began to work as a songwriter for artists belonging to the label, Interscope Records, among other things, the Pussycat Dolls. After leaving the family home, [14] Gaga began giving public clubs in downtown Manhattan, with teams Mackin Pulsifer, and SGBand. To change its type stage with rock and roll became interested in pop music [15].

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Stefani Germanotta borrowed his stage name from the title song from Queen „Radio Ga-Ga [15], after the music producer Rob Fusari described her singing style as similar to that presented Freddie Mercury.

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In May 2008, on the pages of Rolling Stone magazine she has officially coming outu as a bisexual [16] [17]. Gaga is widely recognized as gay and lesbian icon [18] [19].
Music career [edit]
Awards and nominations Lady Gaga
Lady GaGa at 2009 MTV VMA’s. Jpg
Lady GaGa at MTV Video Music Awards 2009 with a prize.
Wins Award Nominations
American Music
Awards 0 4
Award 0 0
Billboard Music
Awards 8 0
Awards 0 6
Award 0 1
Soul Train Music
Award 0 0
Prize Winner 33
Nominations 77
Gaga’s performing in a restaurant in the early stages of their careers.


Initially Gaga belonged to the label Def Jam [20], when at the age of nineteen years in his office director of music label LA Reid had heard of the artist singing in the corridor [20]. Nevertheless, the singer admitted that never personally had not seen Reid [20]. After three months of collaboration Reid Gage deprived of rights to contract, breaking it [20].

???? ???? Lady Gaga

Several years later, the artist saw Interscope managing director Vincent Herbert and offered a contract with record company in 2008 [11]. Surprised by her artistic abilities, the director hired her as a singer and songwriter [11]. Relations with Interscope Gaga had earlier, when the company president Jimmy Iovine suggested vocalist contract in early 2007 [20]. He offered a contract for the vocalist working conditions gags with rapper and music producer, Akon [20]. This, when he heard a voice Germanotty on one of his recordings, he saw in the artist’s musical potential and Ioviene’a convinced that this has consented to join Lady Gaga among the artists associated with the label Kon Live Distribution [21] [20].

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In 2007, Lady GaGa has partnered with rock DJ-ka, go-go dancer and performer performace Lady Starlight, which helped to create its own image on stage [22]. Duo began to present a musically in clubs in Manhattan, Mercury Lounge, The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, under the name „Lady GaGa and the Starlight Revue” [23] [24]. Regarded as „the ultimate pop rock burlesque show,” [25], the performances inspired by the culture of the 70 ‚of the twentieth century [26]. In August 2007, and Lady Gaga Lady Starlight were invited to the Lollapalooza music festival, where he impressed his audience wild performance [27]. Show has been criticized but he won the recognition performance of vocal music critics, [24] [12].
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
At the end of 2007, singer started working on material for their debut album. To this end, Lady GaGa has partnered with the team of producer RedOne Productions, famous for its collaboration with Kat DeLuna and Enrique Iglesias [15].
2008-2009: The Fame
In 2008, Gaga moved to Los Angeles, where he refined and performs the final touches on a recording session for the album The Fame [15]. She explained the concept of circle as a way to meet people familiar emotions. ” Confessed that „Pop culture is art. It puts you in a good light of the lack of sympathy for this culture, so it fits everything from pop to The Fame, and this is what you hear on this record. But it is ill-fame. I wanted to invite you all to this event that you feel the taste of life „[12]. Style of music Gaga disc described as „very different” [20]. Singer worked on the album with the band „Haus of Gaga,” which became a muse Germanotta in terms of clothing, concert scenes and sounds of music. „In this industry have many designers and manufacturers who want to get rid of your own style, but this is my own, I created a team. Everyone in it is less than twenty-six years but everything we do together,” [11]. The Fame gained mostly positive reviews from music critics. Times Online reviewer described the album as „a fantastic mix of ballads, David Bowie, drama, inspired by the Queen songs quickly the numbers that run in the style of synth-pop” [11]. The main disc single released from the composition was „Just Dance”, released on 8 April 2008, which reached the charts in seventeen countries [28]. One of the countries where the song has gained the status of number one, the United States, where the song was featured on quotes airplay in October six months after the premiere, and earned top ratings in the year 2009 [29]. Presenting the work of the second single, „Poker Face” was released on 29 September 2008 and took quotes peaks in twenty countries, including almost all those with the greatest impact on the music industry. „Poker Face” has become the second track, which first took place on Billboard Hot 100 chart [30].


Album The Fame came tops most discs bought in Austria, Ireland, Canada and Great Britain while the fourth position on the Australian chart [31] [32]. In October 2008, lead singer went on his first tour with the band New Kids On The Block, where he was tasked to prepare the audience for boy band performance [33]. Sam also has provided a musically in the song „Big Girl Now” [34]. A series of concerts with comedy ended in November 2008. At the end of October, the American music market has been released album The Fame, which debuted at position # 17 listing of the most popular discs in the form of sales 24.000 copies [35]. So far, LP, as he became the highest at # 4 and was awarded a gold album in the same country [36]. From January to May 2009 Stefani Germanotta spent together on tour with the band the Pussycat Dolls, where he played concerts in Europe and Oceania. In March 2009 a solo singer began her series of concerts called „The Fame Ball Tour” to promote the album in their home country [37].
2009-present: The Fame Monster
The second studio album titled Lady Gaga The Fame Monster officially released November 23, 2009 year. Initially, he had been released as a re-release their debut album artist, but a decision has been amended and a new album Lady is listed under the category of the EP. Promotes his hit single „Bad Romance.

gaga13.jpggaga14.jpggaga12.jpggaga16.jpgStefani Joanne Angelina Germanottagaga21.jpggaga20.jpggaga19.jpggaga18.jpggaga10.jpggaga9.jpg





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