Wanted – "particularly dangerous" Timur Bekmabetova

21 01 2010

wanted angelina jolie

Russian director Timur Bekmambetov recently completed shooting „particularly dangerous” (Wanted), with Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie), Morgan Freeman (Morgan Freeman) and a young actor James MakEvoem (James McAvoy) in the lead roles.

Wanted — . Wanted – any office slacker dream: in this adventure movie in the spirit of comic shows how MakEvoya James (James McAvoy) of the routine work in the office rescues sexual killer Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie. Hero then make supercomputers in the car for murder.

wanted angelina jolie

. In the meantime, we suggest offering you a few frames from the movie Wanted.

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Angelina Jolie in the film „particularly dangerous” Bekmabetova Timur.

angelina jolie and james mcavoy starring in wanted by timur bekmabetov
Angelina Jolie ; James McAvoy starring in «Wanted» by Timur Bekmabetov. Angelina Jolie ; James McAvoy starring in „Wanted” by Timur Bekmabetov.

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morgan freeman starred in wanted by bekmabetov timur
Morgan Freeman (frame from the film „particularly dangerous”).

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). James Makevoy (frame from the film „particularly dangerous”).




6 Komentarzy

7 05 2008

i just love angie so much…i will watch the movie ehh…

17 07 2008

Je suis allée voir ce film dès sa sortie, le 16juillet, et je l’est trouvé Exellent ! Il était magique !
J’ai adoré !!!
Angelina Jolie joue très bien et James McAvoy aussi 🙂

Voila 🙂
Merci, Au revoir !

27 07 2008

I Sooooo Love This movie I Think Angelina Jolie did a very good job in this movie but i was sad that she got killed at the end *tear* but other then that the movie was awsome…. Luv Ya Angelina.

31 07 2008

i really like this movie
very clever n amazing
i love James he is so HOT

1 08 2008

the wanted is a good move and i tell you thst i am a pover person so please help me finicially please .thanks

18 08 2008

It is him rained hardly


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