Ties, mugs, T-shirts, caps, mouse pads, stamps, posters, cards….

21 01 2010


Asbjorn Lonvig
artist, designer

The first phase of my Art Portal project was based on on-demand print.
This next phase is based on on-demand manufacturing.
It means that the mayor, the priest and ordinary people can do their own personal designs
in ties, mugs, T-shirts, caps, mouse pads, stamps, posters, postcards…
I have prepared MERCHANDISE products based on my own art works.
70 MERCHANDISE products for New Hedensted , 55 MERCHANDISE products for Aarhus City, 18 MERCHANDISE products for Guggenheim Museum, 7 MERCHANDISE products for Shanghai Chambers of Commerce etc.
So far I have done 1200 MERCHANDISE products.
I found the software I needed in Silicon Valley – where else.
The customer must be able to customize my MERCHANDISE products.
The mayor must be able to decide himself where my motif is placed on his tie.

Click on a motif above!

You will find the MERCHANDISE products on my web site or on Art Portals.
Find the Art Portals in English on lonvig.dk/portal-en.htm.
Customizing takes place in San Jose (Silicon Valley).
My friends in Silicon Valley are zazzle.com and my new name is zazzle.com/lonvig*.

My project is maybe very ambitious. I have difficulties explaining what it is all about.
I wrote an article in WWAR Art News the other day.
As I got not much response I thought: Shit!!!
Shit, now I was again not able to explain.
And I became so sad – so sad.
Yesterday a reader of my article wrote to me from New York: You are a genius.
Today the world renowned Iconograpfer Ilina Filipova from Malta expressed her enthusiasm about my ideas.
And she even has used them on her web site.
Another artist from Phoenix, Arizona intend to use my ideas in teaching illustration and advertising………..

Asbjorn Lonvig
artist, designer etc.





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