Writing with Light House in New York by Steven Holl Architects

20 01 2010

The design of this beach house in Long Island, NY by Steven Holl Architects was inspired by the studio of the painter Jackson Pollock, which was nearby. Free form designs were created based on the 1949 painting “Seven in Eight.”

The located called for openness on the bay side and the north for a view of the Atlantic, thus the south end is closed for more privacy. The final design utilized a slatted open frame through which light undulates throughout the day, offering a more dramatic interior. The framing is similar to fencing you might see around sand dunes on the beach.

Architect: Steven Holl Architects — Steven Holl (design architect), Annette Goderbauer (project architect), Martin Cox, Irene Vogt, Christian Wassmann (project team)
Structural Engineer: Silman Associates, PC.
General Contractor: Koral Bros. Inc.




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