Fashion Cupcakes

18 01 2010

chanel cupcakes Fashion Cupcakes

Fashion Cupcakes

How cool are these Fashion Cupcakes prop-styled by Lisa Edsalv and shot by Swede photographer Therese Aldgard. As if there weren’t enough tasty treats on the runway, the duo created 5 delicious cupcakes, inspired by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Agent Provocateur and Betsey Johnson. Looks yummy ! They promised to send me some ! From Sweden !? huh (just joking !)

louisvuitton cupcakes Fashion Cupcakesbetseyjohnson cupcakes Fashion Cupcakesagentprovocateur cupcakes Fashion Cupcakeschristian louboutin cupcakes Fashion Cupcakes





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