Vacuum cleaner with MP3 Of electrolux ultraSilencer

17 01 2010

    ? ??            ?         iPod

It sounds as joke, but Electrolux relates to this project completely seriously. Actually, any knows that during the harvesting music not is less important than vacuum cleaner. But it is not obtained to be occupied by harvesting completely in many without the music.

In the continuation it is in more detail about the vacuum cleaner with the stereos-column and the port for iPod.

    ? ? MP3-    ? Electrolux UltraSilencer Music EditionThe tendency to make harvesting of that perfected led the engineers of the company Of electrolux to the creation of the conceptual musical vacuum cleaner Of ultraSilencer Of music Of edition with the built-in stereos-column and the port for iPod.
If we connect player through the special central- located port, vacuum cleaner will reproduce the dear melodies through stereo-dynamics, build it the upper part of the housing of vacuum cleaner.
The nourishment  occurs due to the power Of ultraSilencer, which expends on 30% less electric power which usual vacuum cleaner, reaching in this case the high quality of harvesting.

Electrolux UltraSilencer Music

Conceptual model it is not planned to start into the mass production, but in all those desiring to eat the possibility to place preliminary order on the main site And, if music lovers is collected sufficiently much, first in the world MP3- vacuum cleaner will be put on the market.

The prototype model Of ultraSilencer is represented in the following colours: sandy [metallic], winter ice, pistachio [metallic].

Vacuum cleaner is so quiet that now during the harvesting it is possible to speak on the telephone and to delight in by music without the head sets.
The level of noise of new In ultraSilencer is not more than 68 dB – the same as with the usual conversation. This low index breaks all records of its predecessors. This became possible because of the use of the new technology Of silent Of air. It makes it possible to optimize the motion of the air flow inside the vacuum cleaner, which reduces the index of noise. But the correct use of sound-absorbent materials and the suspension arrangement of motor reduce vibration level to the minimum.




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