Samsung young design award 2009: the finalists

17 01 2010

energy consumption in the apartment is controlled

E- plant” – controls energy consumption in the apartment.

Samsung young  design award 2009: the finalists

Already the third year the contract Of Samsung rewards young promising designers, organizing the competition Samsung young  design award and revealing the potential of Italian students. In essence, among the conquerors – viable and functional domestic solutions in the region of the digital technologies, which are called to improve the quality of life of future civilization. Competition is passed to Milan. We propose to you to look the projects, which left into the finale:

Samsung Of young Of design Of award

The main conqueror of competition (PAD) – “digital domestic wards”, who follow temperature and level of humidity in the house, and also quality of air. Furthermore, they notify about the state of domestic plants.


The second place was reached “universal switch”, with the aid of which it is possible  using Bluetooth- technology, to turn off different instruments


In the third place – station on processing of garbage, which independently sorts, it packs and marks withdrawals, and also makes report about the results of the accomplished work.


“Intellectual [Organizer]” – [gadget], which solves the electrical problems of the overload of [lini].


DNA – movable of device, which converts solar energy and energy of wind into the electricity.


[which processes kinetic energy into the useful energy for the domestic needs.


Luminescent and fluorescent illumination without the use of the electricity is ensured with the aid of this installation in the room


“[Controller]” – reflects information about the expenditures of energy.





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