First particular spacecraft Of spaceShipTwo

17 01 2010

    ?       ??     ? SpaceShipTwo

First particular spacecraft  spaceship Two

The company  virgin  galactic and British multi-millionaire Richard Branson officially presented the first in the history passenger spacecraft – SpaceShipTwo, which was being developed in the situation of complete secrecy for 5 years.

“This will be the beginning of commercial space tourism You become astronaut”, said Branson in the course of the presentation of ship.


Project with the $450- millionth budget provides for building six commercial spacecraft, which will raise tourists sufficiently highly so that those would perceive weightlessness and would see, as the terrestrial horizon against the background of the outer space rounds.

For this Of spaceShipTwo will be delivered to the height of approximately 18,300 meters with the aid of the aircraft Of eve, where spacecraft will be separated and will neglect its jet engines in order to reach the altitude of approximately 100 kilometers above the Earth.

Flight will last about 2,5 hours, from which about five minutes the passengers will conduct in weightlessness.

Approximately 300 aspirants already ordered to themselves tickets to the flight by cost $200,000 (135,000 Euros), which will require also three days of preparation.

spaceshiptwo03.jpgspaceshiptwo04.jpgspaceshiptwo05.jpgspaceshiptwo06.jpgspaceshiptwo07.jpgspaceshiptwo08.jpgspaceshiptwo09.jpgspaceshiptwo10.jpgspaceshiptwo11.jpgspaceshiptwo12.jpgspaceshiptwo13.jpgspaceshiptwo14.jpgspaceshiptwo15.jpg         ?Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger




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6 02 2010

Danke f?r diesen sehr guten Artikel, ich bin begeisert von deinem Blog. Ich glaube ich habe einen kleinen Bug gefunden, ich kann ?ber Chrome und Safari nicht in deinem Blog kommentieren und die Seite sieht zerissen aus. Kann dir aber nicht sagen womit es zusammenh?ngt.

6 02 2010
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good one.


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