Strida 5.0 Foldable Bike

15 01 2010

Strida 5.0 Foldable Bike

The STRiDA 5.0 Folding Bike is the first completely new bicycle geometry in 95 years. The STRiDA 5.0 bicycle was invented when Mark Sanders wanted to address his difficult commute into London with an elegant, clean and portable transportation solution.

The STRiDA 5.0 Folding Bike is one of the most attractive and functional commuter-bike designs we have ever seen.

In 15 seconds, the STRiDA 5.0 bicycle collapses into a compact unit that can be wheeled along like a unicycle or easily stowed. Ideally for the urban commuter, the single-speed STRiDA 5.0 bicycle features a greaseless Kevlar® chain to keep office clothing pristine.

Inside a triangular frame of lightweight aluminum, power is transferred to the rear wheel via a silent clean Kevlar belt. The genius of the triangular frame is that it can quickly fold. In five seconds, you have a light, compact form that you can easily wheel, stow in a closet, load in your car or take on the subway or train.

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