Introducting Art Milk

15 01 2010

Art Milk

You may have (or not) noticed the lack of art posts this past week. That’s because we’ve been preparing for our biggest and most exciting endeavor yet — Art Milk. We’ve been so absorbed and amped up about this at the Milk headquarters that we can hardly contain ourselves.

We get so many art submissions here that we finally said OK enough. Art people: you need your own website. Art Milk will to bring you the best in emerging, new, innovative, young, independent, and inspiring modern artists. It will serve as both a daily dose of eye candy and a place for emerging artists to get exposure.

Art will remain a category here on Design Milk since we do post about it here and there, and full Art archives will be available on both Art Milk and Design Milk until further notice. You will see that Art Milk and Design Milk have quite a lot in common, but are two separate and unique sites. We’ve also added navigation tabs at the top of both sites so you know where you are and can easily navigate between the two sites.

In order to continue to get great art every day, choose one of the below subscription methods:

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