Arik Levy Galactica Fruit Bowl

15 01 2010

Arik Levy Galactica Fruit Bowl for Gaia & Gino

Arik Levy’s Galactica Fruit Bowl is beautiful piece of art. The Galactica Fruit Bowl was inspired by the galaxy with its stars. Use as either a fruit bowl or a centerpiece. Arik Levy’s idea for this earthenware fruit bowl for Gaia & Gino was to create a piece of voids and volumes inspired by the constellations in the sky. The bowl is produced from a mold, with the holes created by hand according to a predefined pattern. „I wanted it to have an architectural dimension,” he says, „so you can imagine that if it’s blown up 1,500 times it would look like a fantastic concert hall or conference center.” Levy worked with a French company that traditionally makes ceramic vases to produce a single seamless piece of earthenware.

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