Modern art museum planned for Calcutta

14 01 2010

Modern art museum planned for Calcutta


Herzog & de Meuron, the Dominus, Napa Valey.
Swiss architects Herzog de Meuron
have been commissioned to design the Kolkata Museum of Modern Art (KMOMA) in Calcutta, India.

The US$50m (£30.6m, 34.4m euro) project will be built on a 10-acre plot that was donated by the Indian government, which is also providing US$32m of the funding.

The 300,000sq ft museum will exhibit a collection ranging from 19th century to art to contemporary art.

The KNOMA Trust was set up 2003 to develop the museum and one of its trustees, Rakhi Sarkar, told a press conference that: “The museum will be four-winged: The National Wing for colonial and post-colonial art; the Western Gallery for art from western countries, including west Asia; the Far Eastern wing for works of art from South Asian countries, as well as Japan, China and Korhttpand an Academic wing for multidisciplinary interaction

„The Garden of Earthly Delights III,” by Raqib Shaw, mixed Media on Boar, Private Collection, courtesy Victoria Miro Gallery, London, 2003

Raquib Shaw was born in Calcutta in 1974, and now lives and works in London.




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