Living things Alexander Crispin

14 01 2010

Crispin Alexander (Alexander Crispin) was born in Sweden in 1967.  In 1994, Alexander opened a commercial photography studio in Stockholm

Around the same time (1995 – 98) he was a member of the Swedish art group „Sprinkler” ( „spray”) and participated in joint exhibitions in Paris and Stockholm

His work focused on people and still lifes with a strong visual humorous ideas.Crispin specializes in advertising.

Living things Alexander Crispin1.jpg3.jpg4.jpgAlexander-Crispin29.jpgAlexander-Crispin1.jpgAlexander-Crispin31.jpgAlexander-Crispin51.jpgAlexander-Crispin61.jpgAlexander-Crispin71.jpgAlexander-Crispin41.jpgAlexander-Crispin101.jpgAlexander-Crispin111.jpgAlexander-Crispin91.jpgAlexander-Crispin81.jpgAlexander-Crispin121.jpgAlexander-Crispin141.jpgAlexander-Crispin131.jpgAlexander-Crispin151.jpgAlexander-Crispin171.jpgAlexander-Crispin161.jpgAlexander-Crispin181.jpgAlexander-Crispin191.jpgAlexander-Crispin211.jpgAlexander-Crispin231.jpgAlexander-Crispin251.jpgAlexander-Crispin221.jpgAlexander-Crispin281.jpgAlexander-Crispin261.jpgAlexander-Crispin271.jpgAlexander-Crispin201.jpg

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