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14 01 2010

Building a house is not complete without furniture’s. Furniture can be of different materials like Wooden, Aluminum, Brass, Silver, Steel and Wrought iron. With the passing time the furniture’s have been tailored according to the taste of the people. This revolutionary change was brought by the innovative ideas of several modern furniture designers. Eero Aarnio is a Finnish designer who broke through the traditional concept of designing furniture. Plastic and fiberglass were the main material used for converting his imagination into reality. Some of his masterpieces were Ball chair (just designed like a globe. Fiberglass is the main material used to create this masterpiece on a metal swiveling base with upholstery. It is for a single person with mp3 player attached to it), Bubble chair, tomato chair, Pastil chair, Screw chair etc. Eero Aarnio `s magnificent work was not only made of fiber and plastic but he also experimented with wood, steel etc.

George Nelson was an architect and designer, well known as the creator of beautiful and practical things. One of his well known work is the bubble lump. Charles and Ray Eames were American designers who not only made several contributions in modern furniture designing but also in the fields of art, industrial designing, film, graphic designing and architecture. Their one of the remarkable piece of work is the lounge chair.

The talented Mies van rohe was a very well known architecture and also designed for the famous Barcelona chair. Eileen Gray started her carrier by learning the lacquer work and in due course of time she took interest in architecture. Her innovative ideas kept her moving. She also took interest in designing furniture’s one of her masterpieces were bibendum chair. Saarinen designed furniture according to the customer’s requirement.

Harry Bertoia was famous for his metal work and also imparted his knowledge of jewelry designing and metal work. His one of the famous work is the diamond chair.

le corbusier is also one of the multi talented designer. He is an architect, designer, urbanist and also painter, well renowned for his contribution to modern architecture.

Modern contemporary furniture comes in various shape and style from European designers, Italian designers etc. for living room, bathroom, dinning room, office, patio etc. There are exclusive furniture’s for every room. Several types of furniture’s are required for an office like table, chairs, sofas, computer desks, cabinet etc. all these furniture’s comes in contemporary shapes. The hectic schedule and the workaholic nature of the current generation have led to the invention of modern contemporary furniture; the modern chairs are also a part of it. It’s more elegent, stylish and comfortable. At the completion of day the body wants relaxation and the best place for that is the bed room. The most important furniture in the bed room is the bed. The modern bedroom designers with there innovative ideas have created several masterpieces. The contemporary modern bedroom furniture’s are sleek, trendy, glamorous and comfortable. When the mood is to take a break from the homely environment and break the monotony, there comes the contemporary patio range of furniture’s like table, chair, umbrella, cushion etc. this is not only the ideal way to unwind the stressed mind but it also adds on an aristocratic look to the home. There are other furniture’s which is generally a mix and match of the old style with a tinge of the modern concept like the retro furniture and the modern classics. It’s generally the revival of the old style crafted by the modern designers. From the ceiling to the floor, rugs to lamps every home item has been modified to give a more decorous look. Apart from modern bedroom furniture, modern dining chairs, modern patio furniture, there is the modern lighting system. There is a fascinating range of lightings. The sputnik lamp is one of the very well known sample of creative art in lighting system.

Home, the sweet home is the place which reflects the nature and characteristic of every person. It is the resting place of every man and therefore we want it to be always at its best appearance by designing its virtue using the right kind of furniture, the contemporary designer furniture.

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