Best photos National Geographic Contest 2007 – the people

5 03 2008

Best photos National Geographic Contest 2007 – the people

. In Uganda it is more than two million orphans.


Woman gets in into the window.

Kabul, Afghanistan.

Salt lakes in Peru, which are used even from the times

The rules of the instruction are explained to children: wash, make your domestic work and you come in time.

One of the leaders of the tribe of tribute in the valley Bal’em, new Guinea. Tribe was discovered during World War II

On the streets of Havana, Cuba.

Three orthodox priests pray in the temple of the The church of the was placed SV tsarina Helen and it was built to 335 g. n. 3. Subsequently the temple several times was destroyed, restored, it suffered from the fires, were reconstructed and were enlarged. In 1810 (after fire 1808 g.) it was newly built in that form, in which there exists, until now. The temple of the coffin Of gospodnya is elevated on the spot, where, according to bible, it was tyuey raspyat, is buried, and then voskres Of Jezus Christ.

Young miner into China.

Early morning in Ksiane Tibetan village in China.

The member of the tribe Of tengger (Tengger), which lives near the volcano of bromines in Indonesia.

Children on the streets of Havana, Cuba.

Khabanera smokes cigar on the street of Havana, Cuba.

Four year old To cheysiti Weismann cries and calls mom because of the fact that her sister it strongly pressed its hand.

From 1982 through 1987 in Luvero region, in Uganda, more than 100000 civil inhabitants were killed in the course of fight with the rebels. Because of the enormous number of those be killeden in the process of intensive struggle, their body they left directly on the streets. But when after the defeat of President obout (Obote) in Uganda at long last was established peace, local residents gathered the bones of those be killeden. The President Myuzveni published edict to create memorial in their honor. Memorial, which is located in the city To nakaseke (Nakaseke), represents small room, which is located in the deep pit, where all assembled skeletons lie. Dominic batakanv – supervisor in this memorial.





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