New Zealand – Aerial photography Of kulesha, Part II

28 02 2008


New Zealand – Aerial photography Of stasa Of kulesha, Part II \ Photography

Thus far the effect of miniatures finally did not leave the mode, I present to your attention a series of the photographs, made during the flights above New Zealand on the small single-engined aircraft of civil aviation.

Here such small aircraft can be leased, being pilot or simple desiring to poletat’ on the region. We will roll this of the hangar and will go to be repaired in the minute.


Example of typical New Zealand estate. Small house with the fields, the small garden and the omnipresent sheep.

One of the lakes on the edge of forest. As you see, completely to itself forest, with the coniferous trees. Only they of grass smell, but not by fir tree.

About each region of Oakland usually they almost speak, it is said, in-in- u-u-u, this is dear. Here most likely it is especially dear, next ocean.

To reach on the ferry boat the large barrier island occupies five it is hour, on the aircraft of 30-20 minutes depending on wind direction. This is takeoff and landing strip. After the sandy edge begins enormous almost wild beach with the white sand.

You thus far fly must by ocean, it is usually boring. In the photograph small barrier island.

In the almost complete calm the gentle breeze extracts on the water intricate patterns.

Tourist booklets call Oakland the city of yachts reliably I can state, yachts exist. It is much.

Office building, business- center in the northern part of the city. I recall that in Oakland ten times less people than in Moscow with the same area. One-storeyed city.

Urban port.



Downtown, the heart of city. It is possible to go around everything per hour, very compact, blocks ten along the long side, as themselves you see.

Zakatnyy view of city from the North coast.

Far away be seen Rangitoto, one of 48- mi of volcanoes, find on the territory of city.

The vessels of different value cost in the bay of the small town Of raglan, noted for, first of all, outstanding conditions for serfinga. Sleepy city of Idlers.

One of the decouplings already almost after the feature of city. Not the most complex, it is simple decoupling.

Raglan. Someone excellently was arranged in the small car in ocean itself.


Until today everything. To read a little about the life in New Zealand and to see these and enormous quantity of other photographs in the standard size is possible in my bloge on





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