A street artist Kurt Wenner

14 01 2010

A street artist Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner works in the genre of street art illusion (illusionistic street painting), which creates the illusion of depth and three-dimensional image when viewed from a certain point. Kurt Wenner began his career in Rome in 1982.


Official artist: www.kurtwenner.com

Women Designer Clothes

14 01 2010

Fotolia_12402636_L.jpg picture by stylesukcom

Beauty lies within skin deep, but fashion involves layer upon layer of meaning, history and beauty. Men and women designer clothes do not simply appear out of thin air but from the fertile minds of fashion designers. People who are passionate about women’s fashion look at fashion design as an art. Fashion designers work with cut cloth and the human form to provide a look that works well on you.

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Modern art museum planned for Calcutta

14 01 2010

Modern art museum planned for Calcutta


Herzog & de Meuron, the Dominus, Napa Valey.
Swiss architects Herzog de Meuron
have been commissioned to design the Kolkata Museum of Modern Art (KMOMA) in Calcutta, India.

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Have a nice cup of Coffee: Buy Mugs with Asbjorn Lonvig Surround Art Motifs…

6 11 2008

Buy Mugs with Asbjorn Lonvig Surround Art Motifs.
Buy the Mugs at Zazzle.com in San Jose, CA. There are more than 100 different Mugs.
Below I have selected a few - click on a Mug.

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To kids in Shanghai and Spain and…: Buy a fairy tale hat….or just a hat.

6 11 2008

Buy Fairy Tale motifs printed on hats.
Motifs from my Fairy Tales.
Buy the hats at Zazzle.com in San Jose, CA – you can order more than 100 different hats.
Below I have selected a few - click on a hat.

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To women and children only: Buy printed Asbjorn Lonvig motifs on shirts…

6 11 2008

Buy Asbjorn Lonvig motifs printed on shirts.
You buy the shirts from Zazzle.com/lonvig* you can order more than 100 different motifs.
Below I have selected a few on which you can click and order directly.

Click on a motif!

You will find all my MERCHANDISE products on my web site or on Art Portals.
If you or your child want other of my motifs on shirts – just send me an e-mail.

Have a nice day.

Asbjorn Lonvig
artist, designer etc.

Zazzle.com is working with on-demand manufacturing
and they handle exhibiting my MERCHANDISE products, ordering, payment and delivery on your address…

Gary Baseman illustrator

5 03 2008


Painter.TV/Movie Producer.Toy Designer.Humorist…. Czytaj resztę wpisu »

Best creative photos 2007

28 02 2008

Best creative photos 2007

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Jeffrey Milstein: Planes as Art

28 02 2008

Aircraft by Jeffrey Milstein Boeing 737-700

Jeffrey Milstein: Planes as Art, Art

Photographer, architect, graphic designer and private pilot Jeffrey Milstein was born in Los Angeles and now lives in Woodstock, New York. In the art-project „AirCraft: The Jet as Art”, which includes a series of photographs of aircraft from Jeffrey Milstayna get to combine all their professions and hobbies – photography, architecture, graphic design and piloting.

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The most expensive brandy in the world Henri IV Dudognon

27 02 2008

The most expensive brandy in the world Henri IV Dudognon Heritage

How could cost 100 bottle of cognac – excerpts summer in a bottle made of gold and platinum with diamond inlays? £ 1,000,000 pensom and not less.  In continuation of tequila in a bottle made of platinum, diamonds adorned 6000.

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